Washing Clothes

Washing Clothes

Taking care of your clothes with the correct washing technique

Washing seems to be a necessity that never ends.

To help you look after your clothes and get the most out of your washing cycle, we have outlined several tips for washing clothes.

  1. First things first. Check the labels on your clothes to be sure they can be washed and that it doesn’t state ‘dry cleaning only.’
  2. Before you load your washing machine, take the time to straighten out sleeves and trouser legs, close zips and untangle clothes. It will save time on drying and ironing.
  3. Get rid of grubby collars by rubbing shampoo into the stain before putting it through the wash.

Our tips for drying clothes

  1. Remove clothes from the tumble dryer before they’re bone dry to avoid static cling.
  2. Dry heavy knits by hanging in a mesh shopping bag in the shower, before drying flat on a towel.
  3. Dirty clotheslines can make clothes spotty and in need of a rewash. Make sure you wipe your clothesline down with a wet cloth on a regular basis.

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