Our Staff and Your Security

Your security and the security of your property is of the utmost importance to us.

All of our staff will take the utmost care whilst on your property.

We will not tolerate any misuse or abuse of a client’s trust or property.

We do not allow our staff to use your phone, Wi-Fi, or TV.

We do not allow our staff to answer your phones or front door.

We will also not allow our staff to use your facilities (for example making beverages) without your prior permission.

You’re in safe hands…

To ensure suitability, all of our staff have been through the following process before employment is offered: –

  • Telephone interview to assess suitability
  • Working interview, where references and experience are discussed in detail, and cleaning and ironing skills are checked
  • Both written and verbal references are taken
  • DBS checks are performed and recorded on file
  • Identity checks are performed and recorded on file. These are taken in the form of passport details and/or a drivers licence
  • Utility bills are copied, proving name and address details
  • Next of kin details are held on file
  • National Insurance number is held on file
  • Car registration details are held on file

Upon employment with us, all staff will have: –

  • Signed a Contract of Employment which will also confirm that they have never been convicted of a crime or have any criminal proceedings pending
  • Signed a secondary contract to confirm agreement to our Key and Alarm Code Security Procedures
  • Completed Staff Training, along with Health and Safety sessions

Spot Checks

At regular intervals, our management will visit to carry out ‘spot checks’. This ensures that client satisfaction and the high standards you expect from us are being maintained by our staff.