Ironing Clothes

Ironing Clothes

Love it or hate it, ironing clothes is a skill

Nobody likes creased clothes, and ironing tends to be a task that’s often put off until the last minute leaving to a rushed job.

Here are a few tips for ironing clothes

  • Remove wrinkles when ironing clothes by spraying them with five parts water to one part fabric softener.
  • Tip: The secret to less ironing is to hang clothes properly.¬†Give your clothes a good shake and straighten up sleeves and legs before drying.
  • When ironing delicate items such as lace lay a damp handkerchief over the item first to protect it.
  • Linens and cotton are much easier to iron when a little damp, so spray them lightly with water.

Always check the label on clothing before ironing. Some clothes may require dry cleaning only.

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