Cleaning Showers

Useful tips to cleaning showers

Cleaning and maintaining your shower

Showers can often lead to a build-up of unwanted grime from mould growth to bad smells.

Preventing grime

To prevent the growth of grime, leave the door or curtain open after showering – this helps avoid the humid atmosphere that encourages mould to grow. If you need to tackle the growth, then scrub your curtain with a bleach solution and rinse thoroughly after; bleach can rot the fabric. Dry thoroughly before hanging again.

Cleaning your shower tray

As for the rest of the tub/shower tray, wipe the shower tray with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner, rinse and wipe dry. For grouting and sealant, use a fungicidal bathroom spray regularly to prevent regrowth. Scrub discoloured grout with an old toothbrush dipped in a solution of one part bleach to four parts water. In hard water areas, use a limescale remover once a week.

Preventing bad smells

To avoid bad odors from your shower drain make sure you rinse with clean water on a regular basis. If you use your shower on a regular basis this isn’t usually a problem; however, if you use your shower infrequently bad smells can appear from the drain. As you run water through your shower use a disinfectant to freshen the drain as you rinse it.

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