Cleaning Materials and Equipment

We supply and bring all our own general cleaning products, which includes products for bathrooms, kitchens, and other general cleaning.

All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly.

We will always ask if you, or someone in your household, has an allergy to any products we may use.

We will use your own vacuum cleaner, steamer, mops, and brushes/dustpans for hygiene reasons.

If there are any specific products you wish us to you of your own, then we are more than happy to do so.  This will include any special and unique products you wish us to use for limescale removal or mould removal, granite and marble surfaces, and special wooden flooring.

If you wish your toilets to be cleaned with specific products, then please leave these cleaning products next to the toilet but out of the reach of children.

We use only well-known and high quality names. We never decant or water down products.

Specialist Cleaning Materials

For granite, marble, stone and madina surfaces we use specialist chemicals to maintain and protect the surface.